Artist Statement
'I am a visual artist. I take reality as a starting point and try to 
bridge the divide between reality and fiction, and between art and 
With my projects I want people to stop and change their train of 
thoughts which are rushing through their minds on a daily basis about the 
most insignificant subjects. I try to capture the things and places that remain 
unnoticed in our hectic, everyday lives. Thereby I tend to make art which 
needs time to fully be understood. 
Some of my work is made spontaneously, other work is staged where I made 
an intervention in any way possible. I always aim for an unique way of 
presenting my work to the public. I present my projects through lens based 
media, capturing beauty with a sharp edge.’
2015-2019 BA Photography, AKV | St Joost Breda
2017-2018 Minor Photojournalism and Image 
editing, HU Utrecht
2018 Internship Rein Janssen

2019 New Gup Group Exhibition Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
2019 Alien-Nation Exhibition BUT Filmfestival, Breda
2019 Launch - Graduation Show AKV | St. Joost, Breda 
2019 Entree DE CLUB, NL 12, Amsterdam
2018 Time for Passion Werkspoorkathedraal, Utrecht
2016 One Minute BredaPhoto, Breda

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